The 5 Best Travel Watches – Find Discounts & Reviews Here!

Ahoy! Looking for the best travel watches? Well, look no further my friend you have come to the right place! I’m the Thrifty Viking and I’ve raided the Internet to find what you need! Most of the options on this page are for men. If you are looking for women’s travel watches then click here. Pleasant plunders!

Top Pick: The August Steiner Men’s AS8194BK


August Steiner Men's AS8194BK Round Black Radiant Sunburst Dial Two Time Zone Quartz Black Bracelet Watch


Also Great: The Joshua & Sons Men’s JX112YGB Yellow Gold Dual Time Zone Quartz



Also Great: The Casio Men’s AE1000W-1B



Also Great: The Casio Men’s AW80V-5BV



Also Great: The Timex Men’s T49851 Expedition



Travel Watches: The Facts

Basically, there is nothing quite interesting like vacationing with a competent and nice watch on the wrist that is travel watch. Generally it mainly makes the trip even more interesting and also fun than ever. In the market today there are many types of travel watch ,Therefore one need to know and also understand well different types of travel watch .Thus the following are different type of the travel watch which are of more help concerning travel.

Patek Philippe Advanced Research Travel Time 5650G

This is among the best type of the travel watch, this is because it combines a tasteful style which is with the durability of the ages, thus making it among the great choice as one’s sole timepiece. Generally, this watch travel time features a dual time purpose, day and night indicator for home and also local time, and also a great deal of the material advance built into the movement, which is essentially designed to need a less maintenance than the other usual mechanical movement. Additionally, the cut-out on the dial shows the “compliant mechanism” which usually allows you to be able to set these watch into GMT hour forwards or either backward. However, to ensure ease of wear, this groundbreaking watch comprise or it is made of a bold yet supple rubber straps which add its comfort on when it is worn.

Rolex GMT Master II 116710BLNR

When one is thinking about ideal travel watch usually it’s very hard to think of anything another watch except Rolex GMT Master. This watch has a combination color that is blue and also black, usually blue is during the daytime and the black color for the nighttime hours.This watch was launched back in 2013 to much fanfare following the release of the white gold Pepsi bezel model. This watch has the combination of the robust 3186 movements together with the durability of the steel case and also the dual color ceramic bezel makes it all.

Breitling Navitimer World

This watch is generally among the top choice which is of the professional pilots everywhere; this is because it is the Breitling Navitimer World generally is a great choice for the hopping time zones. Basically, the added chronograph feature is also great to help concerning the tracking flight time as well. Additionally it also worth noting that is also a great dressy choice, which is of a great help if one is traveling mainly for business purposes compared to other pleasure purposes.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT is a good dive watch which is having some added functionality; which have made it be a great choice. Basically, it is among the affordable choices that essentially deliver professional diving features. It is a 24-hour hand watch and also bezel scale which is differentiated with bright orange numerals which give a quick identification while the hands and also markers are instilled with a generous helping of the white luminous material which is for low light or either underwater situations.

Function-Filled Pilot Watch: Zenith El Primero Doublematic

These are also the best option of the professional pilot, this is because of the designed which one can consider it as travel design. Generally, for flying, pilots clearly they need a comfortable and also legible watches which essentially allow the pilot to be informed or to be updated in different time zones and the these watch is the best option. This is due to it features which make it accurate and also simple to use. If one basically like its idea of having different features in a pilot watch which can be of more useful while one is on the road, then one can consider the recent timepiece that demonstrates the charm of a complex pilot watch is these watch known as Zenith El Primero Doublematic

The Casio G-Shock

These is generally significantly easier and also durable to choose as the best option concerning different type of the travel watch. These are strict watches for the casual and the leisure activities; however it is not recommend wearing or it is not advisable to wear a G-Shock if one is doing anything which generally concern dinner and also long sleeves. Casio G-Shocks end up worn by the large number of soldiers and also many outdoor adventurers all over the world due to it accessibility. Generally they endure almost anything concerning this type of watch and also its impressive and also appealing set of features such as the world timer, chronograph, alarms which most of the traveler use almost all the time. Additionally, it’s important to note that since they aren’t mostly expensive, G-Shock watches infrequently attract the negative courtesy and they are fun

Senator Cosmopolite

Senator Cosmopolite watch basically was designed for the concern of a true world traveler. Generally, it is equipped with an automatic movement of a new Calibre 89–02, it keeps track mainly of two time zones concurrently. And in deprive of its mechanical density, it’s impartially easy to use and also meant for the daily wear—as long as one set the home and also away time zones. The only and important thing one need to consider or remember is that the primary dial shows the “away” or either destination time, while the actual home time dial usually sits along the vertical axis at twelve o’clock. Other functions comprise a 72-hour power reserve, DST which means daylight saving time and also STD which means standard time indicators, day and also night display, a small second’s dial, and also a date window

Modern Analog Satellite Watch: Seiko Astron Chronograph

This is among the advanced travel watch available, The travel watch basically is a satellite-controlled electronic watches which itself manages to connects to the satellites in order to update itself accurately to the current time automatically and also time zone on the watch automatically so one will not struggle much to reset this type of watch. Additionally, the battery which is used by this type of watch is charged directly by light, so one don’t have to worry much about the battery. Thus, it prove to be among the best travel watch.

The above are some of the different type of travel watch that are available in the market.

The Best GPS Golf Watches – Find Discounts & Reviews Here!

Ahoy! Looking for the best GPS Golf watches? Well, look no further my friend you have come to the right place! I’m the Thrifty Viking and I’ve raided the Internet to find what you need! To guide your search I recommend taking the popup quiz. It will help you quickly identify the right watch for you. Pleasant plunders!

GPS Golf Watches – The Facts

In case you are searching for a golf accessory which should be able to shave strokes off of your game, it is advisable to make use of the collaborative technology by opting for one of the most effective golf GPS watches available on the market. We can consider a golf GPS watch to be actually a caddie which is strapped to the wrist of an individual who has walked numerous times on the golf course. After going through this article you’ll be able to make a sound decision on the ideal golf GPS watch which should help to deal with the challenges of virtually every golf course on the planet. Even though the majority of the golf GPS watches can boast of the identical basic features, all of these watches are not created the same. While many of them provide the user with some unique features which are customized to the particular type of golfer, the others tend to have fewer features and they are also more inexpensive.

You might be searching for a golf GPS watch which will be able to measure the distance right from the tee to the green accurately at each one of the local golf courses or you might also be interested in a GPS watch which features course odometer, a digital scoreboard as well as some other essential features. In the following paragraphs, our reviews will be providing you with a proper analysis elaborating on exactly what the market can offer as well as the pros and cons of every watch. Having said that, the following happens to be our top recommendations:

1. ScoreBand Golf

Colors: Black

Although it might not be the most attractive golf watch on the market, the ScoreBand Golf is undoubtedly quite affordable. It implies that you must know what your expectations are when it comes to the features of a golf GPS watch. Among the top features, we should mention the scorecards and the shot distance measurements. Apart from being water resistant, the watch will also be able to detect the nearest golf course automatically while storing as much as 10 rounds of golf which mean that it has got all the basics covered.

2. Bushnell Neo Ion

Colors: Charcoal and Black

This streamlined golf watch crams in as many as 30 countries in 35,000 courses and has the ability to automatically recognize your location. It is also able to automatically record hole advances after providing useful shot distance readings which will help you to plan ahead. The battery life happens to be as much as 16 hours, which is approximately 3 full rounds before it is required to be recharged and this is obviously a fantastic feature of this awesome golf watch. Furthermore, it happens to be waterproof as well.

3. Callaway GPSy Sport Watch

Colors: Black and White

Being a top quality golf brand, this GPSpy is full of many essential features. It can recognize 30,000 golf courses automatically which give you access to carry distances and green layup plus doglegs and hazards. Apart from this, it is also able to auto score while keeping track of the steps. The battery is going to last for approximately 10 hours in the GPS mode in case you position it close to the top of the longevity pile.

4. TomTom Golfer 2

Colors: Black and Light Gray

One significant reason to put on this watch will be to track your game; however, automatic shot detection is also offered by other GPS watches. Analyzing the game data by making use of the MySports app is one of the main offerings of this top quality watch. You are able to review the shot patterns by using the application which will enable you to understand whether you’re missing fairways to the right or the left, for instance. You can also be able to compare the identical hole across various rounds of the 48,000 stored golf courses. In a nutshell, this watch should make monitoring your game much easier and will also allow you to go on working on your game while you are back to the clubhouse.

5. Garmin Vivoactive

Colors: Black and White

Even though the Vivoactive does golf, it can be a lot more than merely a golf watch. It is actually an action tracker for running, cycling as well as swimming, and moreover, it performs more than a smartwatch having phone notifications. You will get lay-up distances, yardage, and also GPS course maps. Besides this, it happens to be slim enough to be put on daily, having a battery which goes for about three weeks in the watch mode. On top of this, it works along with the Garmin Connect IQ application store, which means that fresh offerings will always be created to enhance the application.

6. GolfBuddy BB5

Colors: Black, Teal, White, Orange, Navy, Pink and Lime

The GolfBuddy BB5 is a significant golf wearable in spite of its small size as well as an approachable label. This particular streamlined compact device comes with a LED display, which will be able to show distances to the green while it progresses automatically between the holes. Additionally, it happens to be pre-installed with more than 40,000 courses in the databanks and measures the shots utilizing an accelerometer. Furthermore, one can wear it every day as an activity tracker.

7. SkyCaddie Linx GT

Colors: Black

This Linx GT is not merely a wearable, but also a part of a package. The Linx GT, along with an application plus a club sensor, performs a lot more than just measuring shots employing GPS, given that it will be able to evaluate each and every swing perfectly. According to the manufacturer, the GPS of this watch improves precision over applications by as much as 300% while preserving the phone’s battery as well. The yardage on the watch will be displayed by the readout on the screen, or you may also get out your cell phone for a more in depth shot analysis as well as course map. Also, the calorie, step, and distance tracking enable it to be more productive as a standard fitness tracker.

8. GolfBuddy WT4

Colors: Black or Silver

The WT4 can boast of a brushed metallic finish as well as an angular layout, which is actually mirrored in the software’s nature. A simple-to-use interface, as well as a rapidly updating yardage, are all that this watch is about. The distance measures plus all the typical score-keeping are there as well, which includes vibrant green view, distance to hazards and targets, as well as pin positioning. This waterproof watch has got 45,000 worldwide courses onboard, which will be recognized by it automatically prior to monitoring holes by itself as well. You are not restricted to golf since the GPS monitoring furthermore works for other sports activities too.

9. Garmin Approach S6

Colors: Light and Dark Orange

Garmin happens to be at the top of its game with regards to geolocation, with over twenty years of knowledge in the military as well as nautical programs, thus a golf course is simple pickings. The emphasis on accuracy indicates calculating your distance to the hole, pin or green is straightforward and clear in no time. More than 40,000 courses with cost-free improvements are logged, with “green view” plus “course view”, while the Garmin IQ store provides a large number of apps built particularly for golfing-related jobs. Motion sensors are going to be employed to determine your stroke and provide techniques for improvement, and it also goes a significant 20 weeks in between charges or ten hours in the GPS setting.

10. Garmin Approach S60

Colors: Black and White

In spite of the fact that it not as pricey or feature-packed as the Garmin Fenix 5, the Approach S60 happens to be the flagship golfing watch of the company, mixing a fashionable build along with a 240 x 240 color display screen and lots of features. You will find more than 40,000 courses pre-installed, including info like accurate yardages to shades of green, dangers, and doglegs. The S60 will likewise instantly record the place as well as the distance between every shot, whilst its PlaysLike characteristic enables the S60 to take elevation modifications between the player as well as the target into consideration and determine what the distance is going to play like. The watch will also act as an over-all activity tracker, monitoring steps, distance as well as sleep, offering you alerts when you have not moved adequately and even displaying smartphone notifications. In addition, it is water-resistant to five ATM and the battery can last as much as 10 hours in a golf setting.

Why Work with Golf Watch Technology?

It is prudent to constantly enhance your games considering the fact that you happen to be a golfer. While it might not be feasible to play the sport like Dustin Johnson or Jason Day, we can certainly control our games just like them. Having correct yardages plus info supplied by the most recent golf watch technologies is going to be the easiest and most successful way to control your game and also lower your ratings as well.

How can a golf watch assist my game?

We all try to fire reduced scores since golf is more pleasurable when you are busy making pars and birdies. We require precise info to be able to see more circles on the scorecard. In fact, a golf watch is basically a caddie for the amateurs. Can you remember when you watched for the first time a professional play without a caddy? Even the most effective golfers in the world are unable to hit excellent golf shots every single time they hit a ball. However, both amateur and professional golfers can acquire accurate yardages for playing better golf.

You might think that you will be able to acquire yardages from the sprinkler heads on the course; however, there is a tendency to eliminate them. Even though you’re are able to locate one, yardage markers have the yardage only to the center of the green. Thus the golfers are left without any genuine distance to the pin. You are never likely to hit a golf shot to the green by speculating the yardage. It is quite challenging to hit a wedge to a scoring distance, and it gets extremely difficult in case you’re speculating yardages.

Even though some courses have got GPS yardage systems on the carts, you just cannot depend on it since these carts aren’t accepted enough to depend on. Furthermore, in case you like to walk the golf course, they will not assist you during your round. Moreover, these golf cart GPS systems also are usually less precise in comparison to the most recent golf watch technologies.

Golf watch technologies are getting advanced

You are permitted to move the pin at any place on the green using the golf watches such as the Garmin S6 which feature color touch displays. You can receive laser sharp yardages thanks to the innovative engineering in these golf watches. As a matter of fact, no more speculating will be involved. They help to make the most challenging sport on this planet a little simpler – something which every single golfer will praise. A delicate difference in golf can imply all the differences on earth. We can safely assert that that in case the professionals are able to use golf watches in competitions, they should do so.

Golf is being played for fun, so why utilize a golf watch?

It is a fact, and not each and every golfer cares regarding their score when the day comes to an end. In fact, lots of golfers do not maintain score. Golf is a lot more than shooting a low number. Having a great time with buddies, and several solid shots, and perhaps a couple of birdies must be good enough. This sort of pondering will definitely aid your mental health. Although a chunked wedge is not the end of everything, playing a sluggish round can nevertheless be extremely irritating. Fortunately, improvements such as golf watches are quickening the game. It’s not essential to spend time searching for yardage markers once you have golf watch secured to the wrist which is a gadget that feeds you precise yardages from virtually any location on the golf course. Golf watches are going to save you both effort as well as time thus allowing you to concentrate on enjoying yourself with your buddies and hitting top quality shots.

The 5 Best Survival Watches – Find Discounts & Reviews Here!

Ahoy! Looking for the best survival watches? Well, look no further my friend you have come to the right place! I’m the Thrifty Viking and I’ve raided the Internet to find what you need! To guide your search I recommend taking the popup quiz. It will help you quickly identify the right watch for you. Pleasant plunders!

Top Pick: The V3 Survival Watch by SharpSurvival

Also Great: The Wooboo Survival



Also Great: The TopBrightTrade Analog

Also Great: The Leezo Paracord

Also Great: The Zendy Astro 16 in 1

Don’t see the model you want? View more options here

Survival Watches – The Facts

The society in which we live today does a great job manufacturing products meant to suit every occasion in people’s lives. Attending a sophisticated ball, for instance, would not be possible a suitable outfit matched with the suitable accessories. The list of such examples surrounding is extremely long, but what we want to focus our attention on is watches, very modern and thus fashionable items.

Top watch manufacturers are no different than any of their counterparts in various industries when it comes to satisfying their costumers’ needs. The logical result of that trend is that they can put on the market a huge range of products thoughtfully designed so as to meet all expectations, from the simplest to the more specialized uses.

Items such army or military watches certainly distinguish themselves among the wide selection of timekeepers present on the market. The name itself is suggestive for the purpose they were intended to serve, i.e. watches specially developed for the armed forces. Their history begins with the first naval chronometers, trustworthy instruments which used to be found on the board of every ship until they became obsolete due to modern technological developments.

Around the time of the Second World War, when every minute was precious, the aviation, in particular, was benefiting from the new developments and thus it made it possible for the first Navigator or Pilot watches to be born. Nowadays, the term became a generic one since this type of watches can be worn not only by soldiers but by civilians too. The motives for doing so are different though: while soldiers appreciate the features the watches are equipped with, civilians are attracted by their design.

The models of Survival watches manufacturers produce various, yet the one thing they have in common is the set of primary characteristics they display. All these models can be described as large; having a diameter of up to 40 mm. They also have hands and dials which are easy-to-read and are colored in dark or camouflage olive-drab. Since the sun reflection can betray the soldier’s position to his enemies, shiny surfaces are not something to be seen on such items. The material used for manufacturing the watch body is the stainless steel whereas for the strap and buckle is not allowed the use of metal or reflective plastic.

An illuminated 24-hour display, a dual-zone and a day/date display are included among the other features which make up a Survival watch. They may seem ordinary features, yet they can prove valuable for soldiers engaged in military operations in the furthest corners of the world. As these have no access to television or internet, losing track of time or getting lost in the wilderness are more than film scenarios, they are real risky situations.

Next, we are about to mention some optional features such as a stopwatch, alarms and countdown timers. Mind you though, we still talking about Survival watches, and when we say alarms, we mean silent vibration alarms, to make sure that a forgotten alarm does not go off right in the middle of a significant secret military operation.

Perhaps most of us were expecting a list of more spectacular characteristics for Survival watches only to discover that they use some of the simplest ones. What we have to keep in mind though is that for soldiers engaged in missions in various places around the world, having one of these watches is sometimes a question of survival. As for the civilians wearing them, it is not that important what features their watches display as for them is all about following a trend and being as cool as the other guys in the gang.

Reasons to Buy Survival Watches Online

Survival watches of different national and worldwide brands are adequately accessible in the market. These are practically comparative in look and different elements of the unique item. The fame of these watches is because of their accessibility at lower costs.

Presently you can purchase Survival watches online too. Uncommon gathering of these watches mainly Swiss brands is accessible in the market at mind-boggling expenses. Survival of various adornments like shades, purses, extravagance pens, divider stickers, wallets and shoes for men and ladies, both are likewise accessible.

Items, for example, Roda Survival watches are exceptionally prevalent in the market as these items are practically comparative in plan, execution and elements of the unique thing. Varieties in unique and replicated items exist in the couple of angles which is not effortlessly detectable by anybody. Taking after are the fundamental reasons which have expanded the prevalence of these items

Affordable cost

Easier accessibility

Looks practically like unique item

The first duplicate of the greater part of the global brand items is advertised

Online accessibility gives simpler mode to purchase

Shops offering these things additionally offer client bolster benefits to give efficient execution of the items. You can besides get in touch with them online for any item related questions. Purchase Survival watches has turned out to be less demanding with the online accessibility of these things. Client bolster, sensible rates, genuine data and pictures of item are the key components which have made online locales offering these watches famous.

Accessible watches are Survival of different global brands, for example, Omega, Rolex, Tissot, Rado, Harley Davidson, and Franck Muller and so forth. To start with duplicate things of Bags, shoes, belts, grips of popular brand Louis Vuitton are additionally accessible at online stores. Worldwide brand items are neither effectively accessible nor fit into everybody’s financial plan, and this is one of the fundamental reason in charge of developing prevalence of replicated things.

Online stores offer an extensive variety of these items and expenses are most reduced conceivable. Shipping office, certification of conveyance, quality and protection are good administrations offered by these stores. It has made simpler to purchase these things particularly for the individuals who can’t bear to purchase the first one. Installment modes are secure, adaptable and according to client’s appropriateness.

Shipping charges and span both are extremely sensible and changes as per where an item should be conveyed. Online accessibility has given a single tick access to different national and global brands Survival items with practically comparative elements and looks of unique things.

Tips on Buying survival Watches Online

Survival is a major name in the watch showcase. Nothing can beat the prevalence and fame of Survival Watches. They are gems made with exactness, precision and fastidious ability. Since its creation in 1905, by Hans Wilsdorf, Survival has withstood wild rivalry from its peers and still developed as an extravagance mark with unmatched execution. The makers are quite strict about the metals and materials utilised as a part of Survival watches, as only the best goes into the making of each piece. 18k gold, finest platinum, best quality stainless steel and precious stones and jewels like sapphire and precious stone embellish each timepiece.

Survival Watches are prevalent timepieces with a whiff of agelessness soaked up into them. Till date, on the off chance that you ask any man or lady to make a rundown of the things they want in life, without a doubt a Survival Watch will include some place. A Survival Watch dependably displays most exceptional quality and predominant craftsmanship. On the off chance that you want to purchase a Survival watch, congrats! You can be rest guaranteed your Survival Watch will be a thing of accumulation which will say a lot about your stature, notoriety and tasteful taste. Only ensure that you take after some essential rules before purchasing Survival Watches online.

When you set off on an online purchasing trip for Survival Watches, ensure that you have your assets prepared. Online approved shops offer an extensive variety of Survival timepieces. If you can detect a Survival and are fulfilled that it is bona fide and unique, make a buy immediately. Moment acquiring force can help you to lay your hands on best arrangements and appealing rebates, which may not be accessible later. Put off arrangements may rub out the rebate for you, or you may even miss out on the model that you had chosen. Thus, when you purchase, purchase immediately.

Be that as it may, purchasing Survival Watches online necessities a careful investigation of the models accessible, before you at long last settle down on your decision. Look at all Survival Watches that are in plain view at the online shop. Ensure that the merchant is approved. Else you will just wind up paying for a fake one at the cost of a certifiable. Rumoured Jewelers are now and then the best ones to offer real and certifiable Survival Watches. Waitlist a couple of them and view the range and quality provided by them, before you make a buy. It’s an expensive watch that you have embarked on purchasing as be sufficiently cautious to peruse through in detail before you settle on one.

Teach yourself with the elements, details and determinations of Survival Watches before purchasing Survival Watches online. The web has intriguing articles investigating each Survival show in detail. This is the main path in which you can affirm the validity of the Survival Watch you are screening. Be a savvy customer and realise what a bona fide Survival Watch highlights and what will give away a fake. Each unique Survival timepiece entirely fits in with its details, back to front. Heed your gut feelings when you feel something right or wrong and never go for a watch if you have questions in your brain. Know and certain, when you purchase a Survival online.

When buying Survival Watches online, give careful consideration to the broad movement of the hands. The honest to goodness Survival timepieces are contributed with licensed ceaseless development for a considerable length of time hand clear. Anything less means the watch is not unique. Online data sources can instruct you on the points of interest of serial quantities of the watches and their realities. Scribble down the case number, and the serial number said at the back of the watch and match with the data accessible. Make no bargains while affirming the validity of a Survival, as rehashed examinations make your buy true. Each bit of Survival Watch accompanies a date magnifier, which amplifies to 2.5 times. Fake watches, by and large, have a lesser level of amplification.

Online pursuit with the model of a Survival Watch and the time of make will list the components that are related with the specific Survival timepiece. When purchasing Survival watches online, ensure the details of hands, the recognising detects, the spellings, the style of the carved serial numbers, the penetrating of the stones and jewels all comply with the first plan.

The Best Men’s survival Watches

When shopping for a particular product like survival men’s watches, it is important to consider a few basics before jumping in feet first. Unlike a consumable product, a watch is something that should last for quite a while, and it is an important choice to make. Time is at the centre of all we do, and it will guide a person throughout the entire day when it is within access right on his or her wrist. After the distinct factors of transportation, allotted funds toward the watch and ironically how much time is to be spent looking for men’s watches; it is important to be able to tell which types of stores sell them.

At first glance, one may assume that any given store may sell men’s survival watches. However, this may not be the case. Individual stores do not carry watches at all, carry watches of a particular quality or carry watches of a certain variety. It should seem quite simple to understand that a grocery store may not necessarily have men’s watches beside produce. On the other hand, some stores that particularly deal in electronics may not carry men’s watches either. From there it becomes a challenge to figure out which stores in between the two extremes may or may not take men’s survival watches.

More Options To Consider

There are online stores and physical stores that deal specifically in only selling men’s watches. As in any other specialised industry, the watches sold at these particular types of shops may or may not be quite costly. Depending on the amount that a person is planning on spending for a watch, a specialised shop is most likely the fastest answer to the problem. For those on a tight budget, a bit more research may be necessary to find men’s watches that fit into the designated spending plan.

Suggested manners of locating stores that sell men’s watches are local store flyers in the mail, asking a friend or simply visiting stores that fall in between the two extremes mentioned earlier. Upon finding a business that sells men’s survival watches, the next issue that may arise is that of variety. A person typically keeps a watch for quite a long time, so it is understandable that he or she would not want to purchase a watch that was not aesthetically pleasing. Some are buying men’s watches for presents, while others perhaps are purchasing for themselves, but in either case, appearance does come into play.

The Best Solar Watches – Find Discounts & Reviews Here!

Ahoy! Looking for the best solar watches? Well, look no further my friend you have come to the right place! I’m the Thrifty Viking and I’ve raided the Internet to find what you need! To guide your search I recommend taking the popup quiz. It will help you quickly identify the right watch for you. Pleasant plunders!

Solar Watches – The Facts

We’ve all had that experience of finding an old watch tucked into the vary back of some forgotten drawer of closet shelf. We may be excited to find such a treasure only to realize that the batteries have long since died. You could get a new one, of course, but it hardly seems worth it. You put it back where you found it, sure that this exact same situation would happen a few years down the line. This cycle could be broken if that watch had been a solar watch.

Now, modern solar watches are nothing like the ones you found in the 70s. Over 40 years ago, solar technology was still in its infancy. Watches had large and bulky frames that needed to accommodate a solar cell on its face. Moreover, these solar cells directly powered the watch, which meant that if the watch went without light then it would die instantly. It would spring back up to life once exposed to sunlight, of course, but analog watches would start where they left off and lose you time. Digital watches, meanwhile, would usually just continuously blink 12:00 when they started working again.

Until manufacturers of solar watches could fix this flaw, solar watches were nothing but a novelty best suited for children’s watches with images of G.I. Joe and He-Man.

How ever, like almost all technology in the 70s, great leaps and bounds of scientific breakthroughs revolutionized things. Solar cells became more compact and powerful and, most importantly, rechargeable. Manufacturers could now hide the solar cell beneath the watches face, allowing for newer and sleeker designs. Most solar powered watches of today look exactly like any other watch and come in a variety of styles. Not only that, but by adding a storage capacitor or a rechargeable battery which stores electricity generated by the solar cell. This means that watches can last even without direct light.

Of course, early watch models could only last three to five days on a single charge. As time went on and technology improved, solar watches evolved into what they are today. Today’s solar watches are powered by a solar cell that turns light from the sun and artificial light from lightbulbs into electricity, that electricity is then stored in a rechargeable batter. A fully charged battery can power a watch for six months, and that’s if it is kept in the dark. Batteries that are regularly charged by being exposed to light on a daily basis can last for the life of the watch in some models. The batteries are constantly charging which means you don’t have to worry about batteries running out.

Because solar watches so often use the same battery all their life, fewer batteries are used and thrown away to end up in landfills. Some batteries contain heavy metals such as lead and mercury that can seep out of these batteries and contaminate ground water. Because solar watches only use one battery, they are much better for the environment than watches that need new batteries every three to five years.

Solar watches have become increasingly prominent in mainstream culture over the years, which means that a variety of watch manufacturers now make them. Companies such as Citizen and Seiko who have been making solar powered watches for decades have recently increased their lines, and other manufacturers such as Casio and Timex are creating solar powered watches of their own.

Solar watches are convenient and easy to maintain. However, because of their reliance on light to keep themselves operating, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Make sure you recharge often, This shouldn’t be a problem if you are a frequent visitor of the outdoors. However, if you live in an area that has little sunlight during the winter and fall, then most watches can be powered while under artificial light from a lightbulb, though they will do so much more slowly. Also related, make sure your watch isn’t hidden beneath long jacket or coat sleeves.

It’s also important to remember that while solar watches require light to charge, exposing them to high heat can damage sensitive machinery. That’s why you should never leave your watch on the dashboard of a car or under a very powerful light. Also remember, and this may seem obvious, that a solar watch can’t charge in the dark, so don’t leave it in your pocket or in a drawer.

A solar watch can be a great purchase, but with so many watches in the market today which ones are the best of the best? The answer is not easy to find, since there are many watch manufacturers out there that make a very high quality watch. However, by examining features such as charge time, charge life, style, and many others, a few standouts emerge. Anyone would be satisfied with any of these watches.

Casio G-Shock G-Steel

The G-Steel line by Casio is perhaps one of the most beautiful solar watches in existence. The design of the G-Steel is bold and features a metal body that protects the crystal face of the watch. This thick watch is for those who enjoy watches with a striking presence on their wrists. The series has both resin bands and stainless steel bands. The metal face also comes in many deep colors to cater to many tastes.

This watch also have many features. It is shock resistant and has double LED lighting on the face and backlit for the digital displays. The time piece itself is analog, with digital displays that tell you the month and day as well as the day of the week. This watch also allows you to swap between time zones and major cities. The G-Steel is also water resistant up to 200 meters (660 feet). Along with these features are more standard ones such as a stopwatch, a countdown timer, and an hourly time signal. The Casio G-Steel series also allows you to set five daily alarms.

On a fully charged battery the G-steel can last 8 months without exposure to light. However, if it’s power save feature is turned on, then this watch can last 19 months in the back of your drawer. Clearly, this is a top notch watch that is both beautiful, pragmatic, and tough.

Seiko Prospex Solar Dive Watch (SSC017)

Seiko has been crafting solar watches for decades. They have also been researching and developing other types of watches that don’t need batteries to be constantly changed and that will keep precise time for as long as possible. Seiko’s watches include spring drive watches that operate with as little power as 25 nano watts (it would take two billion of these watches to power a 60 watt bulb), kinetic watches which use a floating rotor in a magnetic field, and mechanical watches.

Seiko’s solar watches are their most popular offering. Of those watches, the Seiko Prospex dive watch is their most known watch. This watch features a thin and stylish case that is elegantly designed to be at home at a gym as well as a formal business meeting. The thinness of the case also means that it creates a more reserved impression. Both the watch and the band is made of stainless steel along with a crystal window that is scratch and shock resistant.

Along with being a solar watch, the Prospex was designed for divers. Which means that its unidirectional sloped bevel that turns smoothly and stays where you set it. This watch also features a chronograph that has 1/5 increments that makes it very precise when diving. Because it’s a diving watch, the Prospex is water resistant up to 200 meters and is ISO certified which means you don’t have to worry about damaging parts due to water exposure.

Seiko’s Prospex also has a lit face for better reading in dim light and can last up to five hours after only five minutes of charging in sunlight. With a fully charged battery, the watch can last up to six months in the dark. It should also be noted that this watch doesn’t have digital displays, it is completely analog. This might be an advantage or disadvantage depending on your tastes.

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster (BN0151-09L)

Like Seiko, Citizen has been crafting solar watches for decades. This brand enjoys worldwide recognition as one of the leading watch makers in the world. It’s solar watches are put under the label of �Eco-Drive’ which basically means the same thing as solar powered. Like the previous watch, the Promaster is a diving watch that is water resistant to depths of 200 meters.

The band is made out of a soft, durable rubber and, like the case itself comes in a deep navy blue that stand out in a crowd. Featuring an analog movement, the Promaster also has a small face window that shows the day of the month as well as a bevel you can turn to show elapsed time.

The crystal face is also made of an anti-reflective material making it easy to see in sunny conditions. The case itself is made of stainless steel, giving the watch an elegant look that’s perfect not only for business and formal events but also more casual and sporty events as well. The face of the watch is the same color as the band, tying together all the design elements of the watch in perfect harmony. The large and thick hands and markings make it easy to read anywhere.

Overall, the watch is structurally sound and tough. It carries a bit of heft on the wrist and feels as though it can withstand a good amount of punishment. The Promaster is also reliable with a Japanese quartz movement that keeps precise time.

The energy cell in this watch will last the life of the watch and never needs replacing. The efficient solar cell in the Promaster can go from empty to fully charged in as little as 11 hours of full sunlight, and just 2 minutes of sunlight is enough to charge the watch for an entire day.

The Promaster is designed with an early warning system to let you know it’s running low on charge. Once the second hand starts moving in two second intervals, the watch is about a week from turning off entirely. Once it is charged back to life the second hand will continue to move in two second intervals to let you know it is keeping an incorrect time. One you adjust the hands to show the proper time, it will then begin to move properly from second to second.

Perhaps the most convenient feature of Citizen’s Eco-Drive Promaster series is that it comes with an overcharge prevention function which keeps the energy storage cell from overcharging. When overcharged, batteries lose much of the evergy-storing capabilities, which required them to be recharged more often. This is not the case with the Promaster, so you can spend as much time outdoors as you like.

The Promaster is not just for divers. It is also greatly suited to everyday use. It’s versatility and practicality make it a perfect watch for anyone that wants to use its rich blue color as a statement piece.


All of these watches are top quality and the final decision of which one to get depends all on the taste of the customer. Each of these watches features a long lasting solar cell that can power a watch for months without light once fully charged. Further, each of these watches is impeccably designed an go with almost any outfit whether its gym shorts or a tuxedo. Really, what it all comes down to are features.

All of these watches are analog. However, the Casio G-Steel series offers digital display to show extra information. If you enjoy digital displays in analog watches, then the Casio may be for you.

Otherwise, if you want a purely analog watch then the Seiko or Citizen watches may be more to your tastes. Both these watches feature a face window that show the day of the month. As such, the face of these watches looks very clean and minimalist. Both of these watches are a good choice.

No matter what watch you end up purchasing, there is no doubt you will be satisfied with the long lasting life and convenience of these solar watches.

The 5 Best Seiko Watches – Find Discounts & Reviews Here!

Ahoy! Looking for the best Seiko watches? Well, look no further my friend you have come to the right place! I’m the Thrifty Viking and I’ve raided the Internet to find what you need! Most of the options on this page are for men. If you are specifically looking for women’s Seiko watches then click here. Pleasant plunders!

Top Pick: The Seiko Men’s SSC139 


Seiko Men's SSC139 Excelsior Gunmetal and Silver-Tone Stainless Steel Solar Watch


Also Great: The Seiko Prospex Divers Solar Mens Black Silicone Watch SNE441

Seiko Prospex Divers Solar Mens Black Silicone Watch SNE441

Also Great: The Seiko Men’s SSC017 Prospex Analog Japanese Quartz Solar Stainless Steel


Seiko Men's SSC017 Prospex Analog Japanese Quartz Solar Stainless Steel Dive Watch


Also Great: The Seiko Men’s SNA414 Flight Alarm Chronograph


Seiko Men's SNA414 Flight Alarm Chronograph Watch


Also Great: The Seiko Men’s SNE325 Dress Solar Black Stainless Steel

Seiko Men's SNE325 Dress Solar Black Stainless Steel Watch

Seiko Watches: The Facts

In the world where majority of the consumers can afford the watches to go to work, the watch companies have designed the watches so as to fit in by this new trend. Most of the watches available are targeted towards those that work. This is because people at work are most likely to have the funds to purchase such items. Many the watches which are being sold are finished with the extra features which are like stainless steel case, the extra strong strap or the box to store a watch in. There are many other types of watches too, all designed in a unique, individual style and watches have always been very popular with consumers.

There are many different types of people that wear watches. One of these types are people that want to show off; they want to show off their personality, their thoughts, their feelings, their ideas. In fact, by wearing this watch, they want to show off everything they have to offer. And this is no bad thing. By wearing this watch, they are bringing out all the qualities in their personality. Turning this on its head, it is not the consumer who is bringing the personality out of themselves by wearing the watch. As an alternative, it’s the watch company which is bringing a personality out to the consumer which is by offering the service to buy the product which has many good qualities which are related to it and then giving the consumer a sense of significance, aspiration and meaning.

Men now use wristwatches as a fashion statement more than a necessity. Some companies have started designing them with gold and silver and others embellish them with diamonds and other expensive jewels to make them more appealing. Seiko stands out as one of the best out of all the manufacturers of wristwatches.

The company started with the name Seiko in 1938. However, the original ancestor of the company was a business run by a local clockmaker in Tokyo by the name, Kintaro Hattori. The business was named K. Hattori and later it evolved into a company by the name Seiko corporation, Tokyo. The business originally started as a clock and jewellery shop and in 1892. It began production of clocks under the name Seikosha, which later evolved into Seiko.

Initially the company was named K. Hattori & Co in 1918 and was later named as Hattori Seiko & Co in 1983. Finally, in 1990 it became Seiko corporations. It established various companies under its name such as Seiko Watch Corporation, and became a holding corporation in 2001 and was finally named as Seiko Holdings Corporation in 2007. Although the company produces many different types of clocks and watches, it is particularly famous for its wristwatches.

It was the year 1924 when Seiko produced its first watch. The first quarts watch was also produced by Seiko by the name Astron. This gives us a general idea about the company’s superior brand name. At the time of introduction, these watches were more expensive than an average priced car, but it was such a breakthrough technology that it is still being followed to this day.

What made these watches popular is not just that they started distributing them on international level, but also the Seiko watches were used for the timing purposes in the Tokyo Olympics. After that Seiko started producing watches that were being used for some grand events like Olympics, and this way they gained popularity. Apart from all this, the amazing designs produced, along with their quality, and the master mind designers that produce such master pieces, all contribute to the success and fame of Seiko watches, to such an extent that we see today. Today, if anybody gets enough money to buy a watch, he/she would definitely choose to buy a Seiko watch, because he/she knows the elegancy of the designs and the outstanding performance of these watches.

Moreover, Tokyo’s first commercial advert was also made to advertize the Seiko watches. So this shows how much that company has been struggling. Not only was it a pioneer in clock and watch making, but it was also a pioneer in producing commercial advertisements on televisions. So, owing to all this, Seiko truly deserves the importance and fame it gets today. People nowadays are so crazy to buy these watches that you would see young people and elders alike, looking for discounts on various sites, so that they could buy the outstanding watches produced by Seiko. People in various professions also like to have these watches, as they produce exclusive watches for divers, for policemen and for people working in other professions. They have watches that look elegant on female wrists, and they also have those that can be worn by mountain climbers, and also divers, because these watches can resist the water pressure, and also are water resistant.

Seiko has launched different varieties of watches, including the well known Seiko 5, Grand Seiko, King Seiko and Credor. Collectors, all around the world, rate these watches as the top choice due to their special features and class of their own. Mechanical watches are something that any collector would wish to own. As far as the Seiko classic watches are concerned, the older the watch is the more value it gains.

Price variation for Seiko watches goes from $50 to $100,000, which indicates their true class and huge brand name. The newly added Seiko Kinetic watches target the modern times for most of their sales. These watches bring together the self-energising factors of automatic watches with the high reliability of quartz technology in time keeping.

Different models of the Seiko watches

Seiko Watches Corporation is the best in all over the world in a development of the best models in the watches. In a name of the Seiko watches, certainly you will find the different models to these watches which vary from the different colors, purpose, styles and shapes. Some of the watches can be specifically being designed correctly for the major sporting occasions like Olympics and others are designed so as to add to an elegant look of the parties. Seiko is well-known in combining beauty and the technology to comes with the most classic form of the watches which are well-known by no means disappoint a wearer depending to the occasion of the day.

Seiko is well-known to use the four distinctive technologies which are to their best by producing the watches which are basically perfect in fulfilling all the requirements of a wearer, these type of watches are well-known by having the higher degree of the accuracy which is up to one second in every day, then they incorporate a glide move where the motion is basically circular in the single direction therefore able to finally express a natural flow of time.

Men’s watches by Seiko display a fine match between technology and trend. They portray an image of being sturdy. There are different varieties usable for different occasions such as casual, sporty or formal. The bands are either made of stainless steel or leather. There are some even made of silver or gold. There are multiple options for the tech freaks. Watches by Seiko are equipped with the latest technological features such as calculators, water-resistance, GPS systems, calendars, etc.

The watches from the women’s section are both beautiful and durable. They add class to the get up of any woman by completing her look. Seiko’s diamond-studded watches are of the finest quality but quite affordable considering the quality. Dials and bands come in different colours and varieties to suit different occasions. Ananta, Bracelet, Dress are some of the popular collections of women’s watches.

Other significant timepieces by Seiko include the Retrogade Collection, the Kinetic, etc.
In the recent years Seiko has undergone a collaborative program with Hero Honda H1 racing team. This lead to the launching of a range of watches which have ‘race’ as their theme. This was dedicated to the racing team of the Hero Honda H1 and their fans. Watches by Seiko were also used during the Olympics.

The brand of Seiko watches has spread all over the world. It has got the rights of Bulova Watches. What sets apart Seiko watches from others, are their distinctive features, elegant looks and high technological features. They are indeed among the first choices of those who have a fetish for watches. Seiko provides its customers with everything that they could looking for in a watch and much more.

The Kinetic Seiko watches which are one of the kind Seiko watches which are basically can generate the power to their operation; it is basically done by oscillators because of the general movement of an arm to any direction. Still there are solar Seiko watches which generally use light so as to produce the power of their operation.
Another model is Ananta Seiko watch that is the rugged sporty type of the watch which is well-known of having the infinite perfection. This kind of the watch comes in the sparing the GMT or the Drive chronograph that is usually the automatic chronograph. This type of the watches have high stainless steel cases which add to the glamorous appearance, you may also look others which essentially they have the hard black coating with the crocodile strap.

Sportier Chronograph is also another model of Seiko watches which is basically inspired by use of the highly performance motor vehicle sport where all these models have stainless steel and they have very high resistance to water .Also another very unique feature concerning these type of the models is, they look to be very durable and you can read them at a high speed. These type of watches are for men and also to women and they come in the quartz or kinetic.

The Velatura Seiko is also another type of the watch which is designed to either men or women; they have all features of the Seiko chronographs where they are complemented with the stainless steel cases and the leather bands. An arctura model to the Seiko watches is made and also inspired using arc nature of rainbows and curvature of the earth.

Watches are basically are supposed to make the fashion declaration and that’s why Seiko aims with a manufacture to any model of Seiko watches .Many times you can always find one of the kind Seiko watches which have the additioned personal touch.

What to Look For When Purchasing Seiko Watches

Seiko watches are created in a variety of forms and dimensions and are retailed across the globe. Broad assortments of timepieces have been fashioned using various hues and textiles, such as fabrics, leathers and precious metals. There are also Seiko watches to match different character traits and the needs of buyers.

Watches are often produced concentrating on either men or women. A good number of global timepiece shops and jewelry stores will supply and retail Seiko watches to appeal to both sexes. These stores will also sell watches in a selection of designs and with different uses to be attractive to a bigger audience.

There are some significant differences relating to watches made for males and watches made for females. Watches made to suit men are often larger and more striking than the designs produced for females. Statistically, women have wrists that are not as broad as the wrists of men. Consequently, they will need smaller wristwatches that fit well. Watch creators are extremely attentive to the fact that a snug fit is often a determining feature for people seeking to buy a watch.

In addition to a comfortable match, wristwatches are also developed with its visual allure or exclusive uses in mind. The distinguishing applications of a watch, besides helping the wearer in determining the time of day, may also contain a navigation system to aid the user in finding their course, in addition to a clock buzzer and stop-watch functions. A number of modern wristwatches also showcase the day of the year.

Conditional on the requirements and personality of the user, a particular watch could be selected not simply because of its many uses, but also due to its physical looks, unique functions and exclusivity. The cost of the wristwatch could further sway the decision of the buyer to purchase the product. Nevertheless, a watch is frequently selected to match the way of life and individual liking of the wearer.

Meticulous sports watches are presently obtainable to go well with the lifestyles of those people who may take pleasure in sporting activities. These wristwatches may integrate up to date machinery and fashions that could be well suited to the earthly elements outside. Water-resistant watches that are scratch-proof are regularly developed for this use.

There are wristwatches obtainable for lots of diverse events and uses. A particular watch created exclusively for divers will be well suited to the lifestyles of those who enjoy the deep sea. The technology used in this watch will endure the oceanic pressures a diver would experience on a regular basis.

The Best Dive Watches – Find Discounts & Reviews Here!

Ahoy! Looking for the best dive watches? Well, look no further my friend you have come to the right place! I’m the Thrifty Viking and I’ve raided the Internet to find what you need! Most of the options on this page are for men. If you’re specifically looking for women’s dive watches then click here. Pleasant plunders!

Dive Watches: The Facts

The best and standard way of tracking bottom time when scuba diving in the 70s and 80s was done by the help of dive watches. Most scuba divers today have these watches as a means of style and identification. Though most, if not all dive watches look attractive and stylish, they also serve as backup dive timers and ordinary watches.

Most people own them but very few use them. Both ladies and men alike consider this a fashion statement as well as a collectors’ item. Most match them with designer suits, but very few know what they are really meant for.

For starters, their name tells it all. They are characteristically waterproof, meaning they are meant for underwater activities such as water sports or most commonly, scuba diving deep into the ocean. Dive watches come in different shapes and brands.

The 10 Most Important Features to Look Out For In Any Dive Watch

There are a number of features that should be present to make a dive watch worthy of its name.

1. Must have a standard depth rating of at least 330 feet (100 meters), which is deeper than the ordinary depth of recreational scuba diving. Watches that have shallower depths in terms of their waterproof nature are not fit for scuba diving.

2. Dive watches should have a bezel that is unidirectional and is rotatable to the minute hand so as to directly read the elapsed time from the bezel. This is equivalent to the stopwatch function in digital watches as well as some analog watches. Elapsed time is displayed automatically in dive computer watches.

3. Some dive watches are actually multifunctional. These are referred to as dive computers’. They do not provide any information pertaining to the stop dive limit. Others have thermometers, depth gauges, dive log capabilities, electronic compasses and eventide predictors included.

4. Expandable bracelet or lengthy strap to hold and position your watch firmly in place on either your drysuit sleeve or wetsuit.

5. It should have a helium valve. This feature is useful mostly to the commercial divers who do deep saturation diving. They survive on breathing gas that has a helium content and live in habitats underwater. The minute helium molecules may probably find themselves into the watch case and damage the watch.

6. Titanium material always works best for any dive watch. Why? For one, it is resistant to corrosion and is way lighter compared to any other metal. Metal bracelets are a personal choice; just make sure it has an extension function.

7. It should be resistant to the sea water temperature, pressure, and most importantly, water. It is a diver’s companion; therefore it should be able to give a concise calculation of how long they should spend under water and their general oxygen intake. If, by any chance, these key functions do not work, purchase a different one as your life literally depends on it.

8. Should have illumination that makes it readable in dim light. A luminescent marker in a dive watch is highly recommended. It should have a simple readability in general, for you not to strain while underwater.

9. The casing should be well built. It should either be screwed securely or fully sealed at the back. There is a high chance of a water leak in case backs that pop in or have cracks and openings. Everything, including the lugs and crystal, should be of the highest quality.

10. The bezel, being the most important part in a dive watch, should be highly functional. Go for a bezel that is unidirectional to prevent backward rotation which can put your air supply at risk. It shouldn’t be so free that it can be changed by water currents. It should also be clearly readable.

History and Examples of Previous Dive Watches

Water resistant watches did not hit the stores just recently. Obviously, there has been a series of evolution since the late 19th century. Weak points that could sabotage the whole idea of being waterproof e.g. the crowns, backs, bezels etc. have been improved as technology evolved. These parts are vital in that, they could cause movements and dials to rust or act as an entry point for water and dust.

Innovations like the screwed bezels and backs came into existence at this time. The start of the 20th century saw the entrance of the wristwatch, which would prove to be very resourceful during the First World War.

In 1926, Rolex, one of the world’s most trusted brands, unveiled the Oyster’. Its movement was protected by a case that was sealed hermetically. This watch was first tested by Mercedes Gleitze, the first British female to swim across the channel, as requested by Hans Wilsdorf, founder of Rolex.

With the Oyster around her neck, Gleitze made an amazing attempt to swim from France to England. As expected, there was zero penetration of moisture throughout her hours underwater, proving the oyster was a success.

Another type of watch that was common in the 19th century is the Frogman’. It had a unique design in that its crown had a protective cap that was joined to the case with a short, metallic chain. This kept water from penetrating into the watch through the crown.

This is another classic example of the watches that were invented for the sole purposes of military activities, both on land and in the sea. Created in 1943, these watches were made accessible to the Naval Combat Demolition Units (NCDUs).

Since the 1950s, the Luminor watch of Italian origin had gained massive popularity due to its stunning design and modern look. Its name was derived from tritium-luminor, a self-luminous substance that had a higher preference to radium, so as to make the dials of the brand’s instruments more visible.

Bob Maloubier, a Captain in the 1950s, ordered for a unique design of the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms’ so as to time each dive of the combat frogmen from France. This watch went on to become a standard which, to this day, features modern attributes like high resistance to water and a scale of sixty minutes etc, which have a characteristic connection to dive watches. It’s level of water resistance? Approximately 300 feet or 91.5 meters.

Common Questions Related To Dive Watches

Is a ‘WATERPROOF’ labeled watch suitable for diving?

Your manual should guide you on how to use such kind of a watch. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Most likely it’s not. You’ve probably walked in the rain, done the dishes or even taken a bath with your watch on and none of these has affected it in any way. Know this, however, most dive watches, as stated above, must have a depth rating of at least 300 feet. You may probably never dive this deep to test it, so while you have it, keep it as far away from water as you possibly can.

What is the purpose of the rotating bezel?

It is typically marked 60 minutes for the sole purpose of assisting divers in determining how long they’ve been underwater. The bezel is rotated to a point where the zero mark is aligned with the minute hand once you descend. This will make it easier for you to read your dive duration at any given time, without the need for time-consuming calculations. The bezel rotates in one direction. If it is moved accidentally, it will not extend your dive, but rather shorten it beyond, possibly, your limit of no-decompression. In short, be careful with it.

What is the difference between dive watches and sports watches?

Briefly, dive watches are meant for diving, while sports watches are meant for sports activities such as track racing are carried out on land. Clearly, not all of us are divers. We should, therefore, focus our attention on how dive watches are beneficial to average consumers. Shall we?

Dive watches are simply one-of-a-kind watches. They can function exceptionally well even when submerged deep in water. They are also capable of resisting a tremendous amount of pressure. The reason as to why so many individuals use dive watches as a sports watch is because they share various features in terms of their outward appearance and reliability. So long as it’s capable of withstanding pressure and currents of water, it can basically be used for sailing, surfing, kayaking or rafting.

Recommended Dive Watches

1. Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph

This watch is perfect for not only divers, but also anyone in particular who desires a dive watch for different sports. It has a rating of 600 meters which is more than enough for all amateur and professional divers alike.

2. Rolex Submariner

Without a doubt, Rolex has been known to come up with luxurious dive watches since time immemorial. The Rolex Submariner is no different. It has a proven track record that makes it a trusted and world-class timepiece for most scuba divers. This watch is tough as it is able to withstand the heaviest of currents and the highest of pressures. Suitable for divers and non-divers; amateurs and professionals.

3. Bremont Supermarine 2000

Pilots have trusted Bremont to come up with high-quality watches. This is understandable due to their long history in timepiece manufacture for those in the aviation sector. The deep sea diver will find this watch to be a splendid option. With 2000 meters as its depth rating, this watch is able to survive what you probably cannot. It has a simple layout, clear and exquisite, thus making it less complicated to read. This timepiece will in no way give you a headache the next time you’re underwater.

4. U-Boat 1001

U-Boat is a great company. It truly is. Its only downside in their timepieces is the bulkiness and lack of elegance that most people don’t find attractive. When they manufacture a dive watch, they understand the term attractive all too well. They craft it in such a way that resonates with the needs of any scuba diver out there. It has luminescent markers that are orange in color (way better than green or white by the way) and has 1001 meters as its depth rating. You, along with those in the Special Forces, are bound to love it!

5. Bell and Ross Hydromax

This watch is unique. Not like all these other aren’t, but it has a special kind of unique. I mean, where else can you find a watch with a special rating of 6000 meters? This, unfortunately, is quartz and not a mechanical watch. Positively, though, it is the ideal timepiece for divers who want to go really deep. It has a fluid known as Hydroid, which occupies the case. This is where the special kind of unique’ falls into play. Bell and Ross have explained that this liquid keeps it resistant to both pressure and water.

Basic Tips: How to Keep Your Dive Watch Fully Functional

1. Rinse it thoroughly in fresh water right after each dive. If you took a swim in a pool, rinse it to get rid of the chlorine.

2. Turn the bezel as you rinse it. This will be helpful in getting rid of any dirt, particles or grit that might have gotten stuck beneath the dial.

3. Keep the gaskets in check. Within the watch, there are rubber/plastic seals that keep the watch waterproof. There are high chances of deterioration of these gaskets. It is recommended to either change or inspect them every 18-36 months. The more you dive frequently, the more you should have the pressure of your watch tested.

4. Ensure the crown is tightly pushed down. Before you get into the water, make sure the crown is either pushed down or screwed. Once you get into the water, do not, under any circumstance, adjust the crown. This could lead to water leaking into your watch and accidents soon after.

5. Avoid exposing your watch to chemicals. Strong chemicals, aerosols, solvents etc. can either dry out or damage your watch.

6. Always check your watch for condensation. In case you notice this beneath the crystal, do not hesitate to take your watch to a professional.


Dive watches range from cheap to expensive, based on their quality. Go for the watch that is not only pocket-friendly, but also goes in line with how far down you can dive. There’s always the right diver watch for every diver. Be sure to maintain it using the tips listed above to avoid early breakdowns and accidents.

The 5 Best Pilot Watches – Find Discounts & Reviews Here!

Ahoy! Looking for the best pilot watches? Well, look no further my friend you have come to the right place! I’m the Thrifty Viking and I’ve raided the Internet to find what you need! To guide your search I recommend taking the popup quiz. It will help you quickly identify the right watch for you. Pleasant plunders!

Top Pick: The Casio Aviator-Look Bracelet Watch



Also Great: The Hamilton Men’s H64611535 Khaki King Pilot



Also Great: The Citizen Black with Orange Men’s Adrenaline Eco-Drive

Also Great: The Laco Type B Dial Miyota



Also Great: The Citizen Men’s JY0010-50E Eco-Drive Skyhawk A-T Titanium 



Pilot Watches: The Facts

They are also called pilot watches and are very similar to dive watches. They are so interesting that they are sometimes worn by people that have nothing to do with flying or diving.

There are several types of aviator watches. The first ones were given to pilots from World War II and the Vietnam War. These watches were plain, simple 12/24 military timekeepers with no chronographic feature. This is why one can state that this was not a pilot watch as the chronographic feature is a necessity when flying a plane with basic instrumentation.

Pilots have many specific needs that which have to be met by an aviator watch. They often need to know the time from different time zones, and because of this many watches have dials and displays that can be changed. Another important feature is the visibility. This is why most watches are large and have a black background which contrasts well with the hands.

There are aviator watches that can also be used as chronometers. Pilots usually rely on accurate timing, and this is why it is very important for them to have a watch that is reliable. Also, these types of watches are designed to function even in extreme heat or freezing temperatures. An aviator watch can operate in conditions of extreme humidity, and they are sometimes water-resistant. There are also pilot watches that are given to astronauts, but they have special features that make them reliable in space.

Because of the interest in aviator- related items, people have started to wear aviator sun-glasses, aviator jackets and many other accessories including watches. The watch has been an attractive item to own especially because some designers have created unique aviator watches, aviator look-alike watches, with special ornaments. So if you are interested in purchasing this type of watch or some other types you have a variety of choices where to pick from.

As we all know, pilots and astronauts are people who spend much of their time in the air. You might wonder why a pilot would ever need a watch; after all the plane system offers information about anything one might think of. It is true, but a pilot’s watch does not come to deny the importance of apparatuses; its role is to show time and to complement the personality of the wearer.

Head in the clouds (or not), pilots know for sure what kind of watch to wear, and the Fortis B-42 Pilot Watches have been created especially for them. Sober but very elegant and suitable for this kind of life, these watches have a mechanism synonymous with precision.

The Fortis watches, which first appeared in 1912, are now among the most appreciated timepieces by those whose life is full of adventure. These professional pilot watches have a wide range of functions which turn them into a line of precise and reliable accessories for anyone who ventures into the sky.

Created with an ETA automatic movement, day and date indications, sweep seconds and 28,800 semi-vibrations per hour, the Fortis B-42 Pilot Watches contain 25 jewels and an Incabloc shock absorber.

The case diameter is 42 mm, which looks like the perfect size for a man’s practical and elegant watch. The hands, numerals, and indices are all coated with Superluminova, so it is easy to read the watch in the dark. The stainless steel case, the screw-down steel case back with mineral crystal and the sapphire crystal with an anti-reflecting coating on both sides make the Fortis B-42 Pilot Watch one of the most resistant and beautifully designed stainless steel watches of the day. Let’s not forget the revolutionary hidden crown sealing system and the exquisite Fortis logo on the crown.

Another common feature of the Fortis B-42 Pilot Watches is the classy black dial with Arabic numerals which makes the line look both conventional and modern. Regarding precision and duration, we can say that these watches are meant to last forever. They are water resistant 200 meters deep, and though all retailers offer a two-year Fortis guarantee, you will not need any repairing for quite a long time after purchase. These watches are no toys; they have been created according to well-established standards and are ready to prove that to you constantly.

The Fortis B-42 Pilot Watches are available with different straps. You may choose from the black leather one, which goes perfectly with the elegant black dial or the matte stainless steel bracelet which makes the watch stand out as an elegantly-designed new piece of jewelry. For those who prefer a warmer color, there is also a brown leather strap which softens the sobriety of the watch a bit.

One of the most common, and useful features of a good pilot watch, is a flight computer. Named after the E6-B flight computer that pilots use to calculate time/speed/distance, the flight computer watch provides a miniature version that you can use on the fly (literally).

Along with time/speed/distance calculations, the flight computer is also useful for calculating fuel consumption, statute/nautical mile conversions, metric to English conversions, or even currency calculations.

As a commercial helicopter pilot, I often use my Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk for these calculations. For a helicopter pilot, the ability to make these calculations with something as small as a wristwatch is precious as we have little space, and often, no co-pilot to help us.

If you are buying a pilot watch with this feature, there are a few things to look for:

1. Ensure the numbers are large enough to read. I have purchased a great looking pilot watch, only to realize later that the numbers were so small, that I needed a magnifying glass to read them. Not much good when you’re upside down in a thunderstorm trying to find your way home.

2. Bezel manufacturing quality. If the bezel is cheaply made, you will find that eventually, it becomes impossible to rotate it.

3. Engraved numbers. Ensure that the numbers on the outside bezel are engraved into the bezel itself. If they are “painted” on, it will only be a matter of time before they disappear with wear.

Twenty One Jewel recently had the pleasure of reviewing the Sinn 856 UTC Pilots Watch, on loan from Define Watches. This watch is technical and practical to the core. Functionality has certainly determined its form; a priority that remains in the making of a Pilots watch. The readability is near perfect. It is a joyfully effortless experience to read and adjust the watch. Such is true also of the Sinn 656, on which this model builds. However, the addition of the UTC in the 856 adds a much-appreciated function, without detracting or distracting.

The Sinn 856 UTC incorporates some very impressive technology. The case boasts Regiment: Simons’ latest innovation in hardening, which greatly improves the scratch resistance of the steel case. Unlike other case protection, Regiment does not involve the application of any film or coating. This is a watch well equipped to handle subjection to rugged environments, allowing the wearer the luxury of confident absentmindedness.

Signs’ Ar-Dehumidifying Technology is also a feature; solving the problem of the effects of moisture in the air contained in mechanical watches. The filter changes blue when needing replacement. Also, Magnetic Field Protection is used throughout the watch. The 856 UTC is protected against the adverse effects of magnetism by using a protective sheath consisting of a closed, magnetically soft inner case that includes the dial, the movement holding ring and the case back.

This particular 856 UTC is fitted with a Sinn silicone strap. These silicone straps are incredibly comfortable, although perhaps a little vulnerable to catching and splits. A certain care has to be taken especially when putting on or taking off the watch. This is mainly due to the tang-type buckle and the finesse required to position the strap in its loops. This problem could be solved well by using Simons’ silicone band with a Regiment deployment clasp. Or, the watch is also available with a leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet.

Whatever accusation may come for lack of romance is probably irrelevant. The beauty of this watch is the brilliantly executed, practicality driven engineering and design. The Sinn 856 UTC, although perhaps not as indestructible as the Sinn U1 Regiment, or as elegant as the Sinn 6110 Technik, is nevertheless a very good looking, and highly functional watch. The dimensions (40mm x 11mm) mean it can transition between industrial and formal, looking as at home under a dress shirt as it does in a workshop.

The Fortis B-42 Pilot Watch is specially designed and targeted at pilots and astronauts who spend a lot of time in the air. As the same with most watches, it does not only tell time but also acts as a statement of the wearer.

The Fortis watches were first unveiled in 1912, which were well received among those people who like adventurous life like pilots and astronauts. The mechanical functions with high precision and accuracy make them an ideal choice for anyone who ventures into the sky.

The Fortis B-42 Pilot watch stands out in the Fortis watches collection for its splendid combination of soberness and elegance, yet suitable for the life in the air. It contains 25 jewels and an Incabloc shock absorber together with an ETA automatic movement, day and date indications, sweep seconds and 28, 800 semi-vibrations per hour. The superLuminova polished hands, numerals, and indices enable it easy to read in the dark environment. The mineral crystal and the sapphire crystal which has the effect of anti-reflecting are infused on the back of the stainless steel case, making it very practical in the special environment. All these distinguishing features make it a dream watch for many people.

One prominent feature that makes the Fortis B-42 Pilot watch stand out from other watches lies on its classic black dial with Arabic numerals, which adds both conventional and modern features to the timepiece. It has various straps, including black leather strap, brown leather strap and so on.

If you are thinking of purchasing a Fortis watch that is suitable for adventurous movements, then I would recommend that you go for the Fortis B-42 Pilot Watch. It would be a good choice since it is worthy every penny of your money.

It starts when you’re a kid, and you see your first plane in the sky. You want to fly, and you dream of riding high up in the air. But then maybe like most of us, you don’t end up becoming a hot shot pilot like you wanted. But even than the love for aviation never goes away. Most of us still like playing with remote controlled planes, flight simulators or any other such aviation gadget.

If you are not a pilot that doesn’t mean you can not wear a hot shot pilot watch. This watch is loaded with cool features. When you are attempting to review the watch, it becomes little difficult as where to start with the JY0000-53E? The first and best feature about this watch is eco-drive technology, which allows your watch to be powered by light. No battery, no fuss about replacing one either. You can see why Citizen thought this to be a very important feature to add to their signature pilot watch. Another important feature is multiple time zone capabilities, where time in up to 43 cities can be viewed via the world time function.

Taking a look at the extremely detailed dial of the JY0000-53E you can see with even more depth why this is the best of the best when it comes to a fashionable, smart, and stylish pilot watch. A flight chronograph and perpetual calendar round out the most basic features. It is not possible to include all the features and technical details of this watch here, to know them and everything that this watch is capable of you would have to read the official product manual distributed by Citizen watches because the watch has an incredible amount of functions and features. A black dial and stainless steel bracelet gives the watch look of luxury and sophistication. Imagine walking into a room with this Citizen skyhawk watch on, Imagine all the attention and stares and conversations that will start up because you’re wearing a hot shot pilot watch. This watch certainly is good pick for it’s looks, for it’s rich features and for it’s style.

Another solid feature on this Citizen watch is the atomic timekeeping. This will ensure that no matter where you are, your watch will be receiving signals regulating the accuracy of the watch and keeping the accuracy to the highest degree. You may not wear a pilot’s uniform to work every day, but you can definitely wear this watch every day.

The 5 Best Citizen Watches – Find Discounts & Reviews Here!

Ahoy! Looking for the best Citizen watches? Well, look no further my friend you have come to the right place! I’m the Thrifty Viking and I’ve raided the Internet to find what you need! Most of the options on this page are for men. If you are looking for women’s’ Citizen watches then click here. Pleasant plunders!

Top Pick: The Citizen Men’s BL5250-02L Titanium Eco-Drive


Citizen Men's BL5250-02L Titanium Eco-Drive Watch with Leather Band


Also Great: The Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s AT4010-50E Titanium Perpetual Chrono A-T 



Also Great: The Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s CA4184-81E Ecosphere Stainless Steel



Also Great: The Citizen Men’s BN0150-28E Promaster Diver Analog Japanese Quartz



Also Great: The Citizen Men’s BL8042-54E “Calibre 8700” Stainless Steel Diamond-Accented Eco-Drive



Citizen Watches: The Facts

The technological world has experienced tremendous revolutions over the past few decades. This has witnessed the innovation of many gadgets that have improved the lives of human beings throughout the world. The production of wrist watches has seen great improvements and changes. Key players in the industry have gone out of their way to ensure that they make top notch watches that will leave their clients satisfied with their purchases. Indeed, who does not want to have a high-quality timepiece that will serve them for a lifetime? If so, then you can consider buying a watch manufactured by the Citizen Watch Company. This article delves deeper into the Citizen Company and the watches that they make. It also looks at some of the milestones that this company has overcome and their achievement.In the past few years, most companies have come up with various initiatives to lure peopel into buying their watches, promising superficial quality. However, the brand that is still trusred in the market is the Citizen Watches.

Are you aware that Citizen rose from a small business that manufactured mechanical wristwatches to become a household name that is revered by everyone? Citizen has since become a very key player in the production of watches worldwide and has managed to include some new concepts in the manufacture of watches that have not yet been incorporated by other companies. One of these innovations and improvements is their manufacture of Eco-Drive watches that utilize a new concept in the category of watches. Indeed, this has become a company to reckon with since no other company has managed to reach their caliber in the timepiece category. The Citizen Watches are made on the concept of global citizenry and togetherness. The men’s watches are designed to be as beautiful as they appear. Surely, any man worth his salt will fall in love with this kind of watches and what they can bring to the table; affordability and quality at its highest.

It all started in 1918 when the Shokosha Watch Research Insitute started manufacturing pocket watches. This institute was founded by Kamekichi Yakamazi, a Tokyo jeweler. Unknown to many people, the first commercial watch of this brand was sold in 1924 by the brand name Citizen. This was the caliber 16 pocket watch which received a good reception in the market. The production of the Citizen Warch Company was however slowed down by the Second World War. This war had catastrophic effects n the Japanese watch industry and the world as a whole. The founders, however, managed to turn tables and maneuver through the difficult situation. The Citizen Watch Company has since increased its operations and opened its branches in over 100 countries in the world.

The company changed its name from Shokosha Watch Research Institute to Citizen Watch Company because the latter was better and could gain more recognition all over the world. The company appointed a new president after the Second World War. This presented the start of a new era by the corporation. The new President, Eiichi Yamada had a clear and in-depth understanding of what the company needed to move forward and achieve success. He ensured that the Company went global by spearheading the creation of the Citizen Trading Company. This was the subsidiary that was given the responsibility of marketing the brand around the world. Additionally, it was after the appointment of the new president that the company commenced the production of mechanical watches that were ultimately the breakthroughs for the watch industry in Japan.

The Citizen Men’s BL5250-02L Eco-Drive watch is also one of the best in the wristwatch category. This is because it does not lose time. Additionally, it has a top notch powered light system that keeps it going all year round devoid of any maintenance. It has a titanium layer that keeps it safe from harmful things like scratches as a well as shock. This is a wrist watch that is water resistant hence you are assured that it will get spoilt in case you decide to bring it along with you to the beach or swimming pool. Moreover, it has some additional premium features such as a dual-time display, alarm function, chronograph subdial and date window.

It is worth noting that the Electronic Age signified the innovation in which most of the watches manufactured by Citizen Company were born. The Citizen Watch Company saw the window of open opportunity during the Electronic Age and partnered with one of the American giants in the watch category, Bulova. They took this chance and manufactured some of their most famous models, coupled with advanced features. The Electronic Age was however viewed as a potential threat by the manufacturers of Mechanical Wrist Watches in Switzerland. The Citizen Watch Company ensured that they incorporated a new feature in their watches ever year that made their customers even more satisfied. One of the breakthroughs was the manufacture of the Citizen X- 8. This watch gained major popularity in the market since it was the first titanium watch ever to be produced in history. They ensured that they gained more market traction in the 70s and 80s when most companies that made wrist watches focused more on the production of thin watches. In this segment, the Citizen Watch Company ensured that they competed favorably by come of the major names in the industry such as ETA and Seiko.

The company was one of the pioneers in the manufacture of Eco-friendly watches. This was jump started by the launch of the Citizen Eco-Drive. By adhering to this drive, they ensured that their watches henceforth utilized the concept of solar power as opposed to the traditional battery power. This move started in 1995, in which the watches that were produced concurrently could employ the use of both artificial and natural light. This step was widely welcomed by most of their customers since it ensured that they no longer needed to replace batteries in the watches. The Eco-Drive catapulted them to the front row in the manufacture of wrist watches worldwide.

The company has stayed true to their slogan “Better Starts Now” and have never reneged on their promise of providing high-quality watches to its clients. This slogan carries the belief that it is always better to make something better or new regardless of who you are. It also goes on to mean that the moment to start doing something new is now. They have a strong belief that better and now are both infinite. In their slogan, they also believe that it is their role to open new doors for the watch industries. One of the inspirations that keep them going is that the process of manufacturing watches is still a work in progress, contrary to the belief that it is a history lesson. They believe in the exploration of new opportunities together with experimenting with different methods in the course of manufacturing their devices, leaving no room to chance. Every part of the watches is crafted by the craftsmen in the company using their machines. Indeed, a good work slogan ensures that the employees in the company always stick to their mission and vision. At the Citizen Watch Company, they view the world as a place to be measured in steps rather than being measured in seconds.

A fascinating thing about the history of the Citizen Watch Company is the past 25 years. This is because it is the period in which they have become trendsetters in the watch manufacturing category. Citizen has produced some of the best watches in the world. The slimmest LCD watch together with the first watch with a voice recognition. They are also credited with the manufacture of the first timepiece with an electronic depth sensor. These are the achievements that will always ensure that the Citizen Watch Company have a foothold in the watch industry.

One of the key watches in the series produced by the Citizen Watch Company is the Skyhawk A-T series. This watch has managed to have a firm place in the market because it is packed with the finest technology available. The watches in these series can synchronize accurately with the atomic clocks that are located in America, Europe, and Japan. Another feature that cannot be overlooked in the Citizen watches series is the Deployment Clasp that has a push button known as the DCP Clasp. This feature is used with the leather straps as well.

The Citizen Watches are recognized worldwide for their cutting edge technology in the manufacture of watches. Some of the most famous series from this collection are Aqualand, Bangle, Serano, Perpetual Calendar, Silhouette, Electra, Corso among many others. It is even more commendable that some leading American Athletes have confessed of the top notch quality of timepieces manufactured by the Citizen Watch Company. Some sporting gurus such as Eli Manning, Paula Creamer, and Matt Kenseth prefer to wear one of the watches in these series to every sporting event that they attend. Furthermore, the Citizen Company has gained widespread recognition in the American market and has proven this by sponsoring major tournaments in the US. Some of these tournaments are theWorld Figure Skating Championship and the US Open.

Over the past decades, the Citizen Watch Company has been recognised as the owner of the Eco-Drive Technology, a concept which they came up with due to their creativity in design and innovation. This technology is now standard in most of the watches that come off the production lines of the Citizen Watch Company. Due to this, they went ahead and clinched the award for the best watch for three consecutive years from 2006. It is one of the Japanese watches that are available for sale in the United Kindom.

The Eco Drive Technology ensures that you will not have to expose your watch regularly to light. The watch can use its stored energy to for up to six months even when it is placed somewhere that is dark. The Citizen watch has a rechargeable battery that is charged by the light that penetrates through the watch’s dial. Since it is quite obvious that not all customers can afford to purchase the high-end models of the Citizen Watches, the company has been innovative enough also to make the quartz watches. These are budget friendly and the perfect choice for someone who wants a top of the range watch at a pocket-friendly price. However, these have a rechargeable battery that you will need to replace once in a while.

The Citizen Watch Company started to target the Japanese Military in the 1940s. They also began to ship their watches to Southeast Asia in 1936 as a response to the emerging need to these watches in the region. They started to target the elite members of the society soon after the end of the Economic Depression; which was quite an uphill task taking into consideration that the economy of the world was in a bad state during that very period. The Citizen Watch Company has even made the bold and risky move and has started manufacturing various watch pieces for their rivals.

The company took into close consideration that people would need the watch for different purposes, hence designed them for people in various professions. Some brands are available for both casual and for administrative purposes. This ensures that you get the watch for any purpose that you need. These are watches that are suitable for people who are always on the go since they adjust automatically to new time zones. This prevents you from the hassle of having to readjust the watch every time you enter a new time zone.

The Bottom Line.

A wrist watch is indeed a priceless asset to most people since time immemorial. This is why some people have gone out of their ways and purchased some of the best brands in the market. One of the brands that have been bought by most peoples who are time conscious is the Citizen Watch. The reason why some people do not mind breaking an arm and a leg to acquire a Citizen watch is that thy have been designed to precision and engineered to perfection. Having a piece will give you the ultimate satisfaction and set you apart from the crowd.

The 5 Best Timex Watches – Find Discounts & Reviews Here!

Ahoy! Looking for the best Timex watches? Well, look no further my friend you have come to the right place! I’m the Thrifty Viking and I’ve raided the Internet to find what you need! To guide your search I recommend taking the popup quiz. It will help you quickly identify the right watch for you. Pleasant plunders!

The 5 Top Rated Timex Watches

  These models offer the most ideal combination of functionality, positive reviews & affordability

The Timex Men’s T498269J Expedition Metal Field

The Timex Men’s T5K588 Ironman Sleek 250 TapScreen 

The Timex E-tide Temp/compass

The Timex Men’s T2N931DH “Intelligent Quartz” Stainless Steel

The Timex Intelligent Quartz Fly-Back Chronograph

Timex Watches: The Facts

The clothes and accessories you wear speak a lot about your personality and your style statement. The impression you make on other people also depends on your ensemble. Therefore, along with your outfit, pay attention to the watches you wear. They are one of the first few things that people notice about you. To flaunt a watch that goes along with your outfit and your style quotient, choose Timex watches.

Since 1854, Timex has made sure that it stays ahead of the competition by introducing unique wristwatches and clocks. Initially, it came up with classic, timeless designs and then moved on to creating luxury watches that make a style statement. What drives Timex forward is its sensibility and creativity to create incredible designs which usually take the world by a storm. Technological innovations further make these watches appealing to customers. They are principally known for their design, durability, and performance. Timex touts that undoubting innovation is what keeps the brand ahead of the times, quite literally.

Timex has a full line of watches for the entire family that offers you style as well as unique features. The men’s watches includes various categories such as the sports & outdoors line, the fashion & dress line, the Expedition line, the health & fitness line, and the Ironman line. As you begin to look at the features of these lines, you will truly see that the Timex watches of today are certainly not the ones your father wore. The features of different men’s watches include GPS technology, speed distance system that allows you to know how fast you may be running, skiing, or biking,the heart beat monitors to aid in your workout, and dive watches that allow you to enjoy scuba diving.

Some of the designs you will find in the men’s collection include the Timex Ironman Shock Solar 50 Lap Digital Watch, Timex T Series Racing Black Strap, Timex Gents Leather Retrograde, and the Timex T Series Men’s Perpetual Calendar Steel Bracelet.

Women’s Timex watches have also stepped up with a large array of styles to keep the ladies happy. The Timex watch lines for women also has a sports & outdoors line and also a dress & fashion line. Of course, the same features seen in the men’s line is also found in the women’s line.

Some of the designs you will find in the women’s collection include the Timex 1440 Sports Digital Purple Resin, Timex T Series Ladies Red Strap, Timex T Series Ladies Lavender Strap Mop Dial, and the Timex Park Ave A05.

Don’t worry; Timex did not forget the kids. They offer a large variety of kid’s watches that they are sure to love and will help them make it home for dinner as long as they at least glance at their watch. Timex watches for kids allow them to choose from many different styles that they are sure to love from flowers to fighter jets, you will find one they will enjoy wearing.Some of themost famous Timex watches for girls include the Timex Kids Time Teacher Flowers, Timex Kids Teacher Purple Monkey, Timex Kids Multicolored Bubbles, and the Timex Kids Pink Blue Flowers. For the boys, the most popular are the Timex Kids Fighter Jets, The Timex Kids Hidden Image Rockets, Timex Kids Red Yellow Flames, and the Timex Cars & Trucks Time Teacher.
When you wish to add a dash of color to your ensemble or flaunt elegance at its very best, if you want to showcase the look of a hard-headed professional or an adventurous sportsman, you will find a different Timex watch to adorn your wrist.Timex watches surpass your expectations and give you a variety of styles – fresh and funky or classy and elegant, name your spirit and Timex has a watch ready for you.

Timex Empera

There is nothing simple about the Timex Empera collection. The watches of this collection are purely ornamental. Timeless Gold or stunning silver with stones that will ultimately add to the sparkle in your eye, these watches spruce up your glam quotient. If you want something that will add to the elegance of your attire for a wedding, the Timex Empera collection is ideal for you.

Timex Classics

No matter how many modern styles flood the market, classics have their charm – charm that is timeless and ever-captivating. If you want watches that you can wear anytime and anywhere, the Timex Classics collection is what you should be looking at. Even when you want to gift a watch, a Timex classic is your safest bet.

Timex E-class

When you want to flaunt your social status and create an aura of sophistication wherever you go, choose Timex E-class series. The multiple features that these watches have are ideal for those businessmen who have to handle several tasks at a single time. The classy metal bands of these watches are perfect to reflect a man’s social status.
Garmin FR60 Heart Monitor Watch

The Garmin FR60 is the newest heart monitor in the Garmin range and is set to one of their best sellers. After the success of the Garmin 305, plans were already underway to create and release an even better heart monitor watch. This is where the Garmin FR60 comes in. It is stacked with so many great features that give the user an edge.If you are a runner or prefer your workouts in the gym, the Garmin
FR60 should be able to help you out. It is ideal for both the professional athlete and the average Joe alike.

Features and Functions – Garmin FR60

The Garmin FR60 shows everything from heart rate to calories burned during workouts. It is a sleekly designed watch that focuses on comfort for the user. Whether you on your road work or in the gym, this Garmin Heart Monitor tracks all your training and workout data. This includes heart beats or rate, time, lap times and the averages, calories burned and so much more. With the addition of a wireless foot pod, this heart monitor watch can track speed and distance. It also comes with the ANT+ technology that gives it wireless capabilities. It is water resistant to a depth of fifty meters.

T5G971 Timex Heartbeat Monitor Watch

This Timex watch is one of the most sought after heart monitor watches around. This is a heart monitor that has consistently rated high on by users. Though it is a simple heart monitor watch, it never ceases to amaze with its many features and functions. It is sized for both men and women thus making it versatile. It is a combination of style and function that gets the heart pumping. Just like the FR60, it is ideal for both elite athletes and people looking to lose some weight .

Timex Ironman Road Trainer

This Timex Ironman watch is for the individuals who need to screen their execution over numerous games. Regardless of whether you need to track your time at the rec center or whether you’re a runner/swimmer planning to expand your lap execution, you can fulfill most with this astounding heart rate screen from Timex.

Timex Ironman Race Trainer

Preparing hard isn’t recently enough any longer for a race trainer. On the off chance that you need to emerge from the rest, you’ll screen your execution and know precisely when to heighten and when to back off. As a Race Trainer, you won’t be any more joyful with this greatly customization heart rate screen. Transfer your outcomes to your PC and appreciate how this individual mentor keeps you in your zone.

The Timex unisex T54281 ironman Triathlon Sleek 5/1 Resin Strap Watch

As an athlete, your profile and what you wear is important to you. The sleek design combined with its multi-function performance is a fantastic fit for both women and men. Its display is easy to read even in direct sunlight and is water resistant up to 100m. Get one just in time for your next triathlon.

Timex Women’s T59201 Ironman Triathlon Sleek 50-Lap Resin Strap Watch

The functions and abilities of this Timex watch are pretty much the same as the one immediately above (Timex Unisex T54281). The design, however, is built specifically for women with an even more, sleeker design to show off during your triathlon.
Are you a health and fitness aware person who likes working out by operating, windsurfing, snowboarding, or cycling? Timex operating observe just right for you. Every personal has his or her exclusive design. In the same way, every operating find is exclusive on its way. There are different designs of such timepieces that provide personal requirements of serious and enthusiastic athletes with Timex Unisex Watches.

Some of the runner’s timepieces are unisex significance that they game a look that goes well with the women as well as men individuals. Operating is not the only game that needs such unique timepieces. Indeed, you can use it if you were recuperating from intervention treatment or any other illness and wished to work out on a regular base. With the pulse amount tracking device incorporated into the great watch, you can evaluate your pulse amount pre-training and post-training.

* This will eventually help you in determining how lengthy your exercises should last and guarantee that you do not over-exert yourself or your center in particular.

* A sprinter needs to focus on operating and nothing else while he is exercising himself.

* With an operating observe, he/she can quit disturbing about the range he/she has run until now, or the speed at which they run, etc.

* It means that the sprinter can now be free of monitoring the results since the timepieces come with integrated storage that can keep your information for a pre-specified period with Unisex Watches.

* GPS operating timepieces offer the athletes with a service to discover the globe without the worry of getting missing at any place or any point of time.

* With the so known as GPS harmonizes, the place of the individual with the GPS device can be monitored quickly.

* There are several charts that one can obtain and make sure that however new the position to them is, the prospect of dropping monitor is nearly zero.

* You can make your exclusive identification by deciding on the best Timex Unisex Watches for you.

* Create sure that you first record down your specifications and only then look for the timepieces that fit your needs.

* This way, you can purchase the best operating watch and have a good time while exercising your most favorite game, operating, snowboarding, outdoor, riding a bike, windsurfing, etc.

* It does not issue what the game is as long as it includes some workout and eventually outcomes in losing down your body system fat.

The Timex Batman sequence of center monitor timepieces is focused towards the top level sportsmen all with different designs of exercising. Whether you’re a multi-sport fanatic or competitive for triathlons, you’d be pushed not to find what you want in your your style of exercising.

Timex Expedition
Enjoy an Altimeter Readout- For individuals who participate in mountain climbing, hiking, and skiing, an altimeter readout on a Timex watch can provide you with much-needed information on your ascent and descent of a hill or mountain. With this type of watch, you can program your target altitude, and when you reach it, you will see a popup screen and an alarm will sound to alert you to your progress. For tracking location on individual maps, this is truly essential for hikers and mountain climbers.

Barometer Feature- Whether you are hiking, skiing, or climbing, the barometer on your Timex watch works in conjunction with an altimeter to obtain an accurate reading and knowing where you are at all times.

Thermometer Feature- Whether you are hiking in the cold or the heat of the sun, knowing the temperature is essential to your safety. With a proper temperature reading, you can find safety in time. No need for additional equipment when you have the Timex Expedition. This watch measures the temperature of both water and air, ensuring you are safe no matter where you are.

Weather Forecasts- Think those dark clouds might be a sign? You no longer need to guess the weather with a Timex watch. The watch gives you an accurate weather forecast based on air pressure.

Digital Compass Feature- The digital compass on this watch displays numerical symbols and degrees so you can be sure you never get lost and can always find your way back home.

Reliable- You will get this watch incredibly durable. This is the slogan for Timex, and it couldn’t be any more accurate. Timex watches are durable and can withstand whatever battering you put them through while you are enjoying your time outdoors.

You can enjoy your free time with all the adventure that you can think of. Make sure you have the right watch for you. A Timex Expedition can lighten your load, providing you with all the features you need.